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Important frequency ranges


Frequency ranges are amazing fundamental because they affect how your mix sounds at the end.

This is a vexed theme from the view of a musican, because your creativity will be constricted. But if you observance affect frequency ranges you can get good results while you are producing. So you won`t have much problems with the fine tuning at the end.


Here are some usefull informations about affect frequency ranges:

– 30 to 180 Hz: Bassdrum

– 100 to 400 Hz: Bassline, ex 350 Hz: Congas

– 400 to 1500 Hz: Planar from Synthesizers

– 1300 to 4000 Hz: Pianos, Guitars, Stringsounds

– 800 to 12000 Hz: Vocals

– 10000 to 20000 Hz: Hihats, percussions, shaker, e.t.c.


This values are guideline values I have good experience with ! Nobody has to use these values.

 in Important frequency ranges What fits well to you is right and good.


Here are further Tips, which you can account for your mix.

– use equalizer for the dubbing (you search for critical areas to eliminate them)

– all under 400 Hz in Mono

– low cuts bate deep frequent category groups

– compressors should used for the endmastering.

– keep an eye of the volume, all what is overdriven is disuse and warped your sound.


This details should be noted in your production because this adjustments are determining for the mastering. If you at it every mastering engineer will be happy to master your material. Another spot to keep this values in mind is the time. With a good mix you can save time and with this you can also save money!


Here are the important frequency ranges clear constituted. This list is also available for free download! (german only)


Alle Wichtigen Frequenzbereiche in Important frequency ranges

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