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Dynamic, mixing & mastering


This steps for me are the most important steps! Without a good dynamic you can`t get a good mix with good quality and without this you even can`t get a good mastering.

Mastering decribes hone and bringing to perfection to commercial requirement. For this normally professional mastering studios, who work in acoustic optimized rooms, would assigned. You talk from a mastering studio if this studio uses hi-end-equipment like compressors, limiter, equalizer, ribbon machine, etc.

Most people haven`t this conditions, but anyhow you can beef up your mix.

On this page you can find some information about me, my sound, and the modality how I producing my tracks and a lot of other stuff.

After you have dubbing and record your mix, you can use dynamic plug ins like loudness maximizer, compressors, limiter or equalizer to master the mix again.

Loundness-Maximizer in Dynamic, mixing & mastering

With a Loudness maximizer it is possible to make the signal louder. You try figure out the maximal loudness.
 in Dynamic, mixing & mastering Rather the same plug in consecutive connect in series with a moderate adjustment than to use only one Plug in for example 3 compressors with a ratio of 3 than one instance with a ratio with 9.

MultiComp in Dynamic, mixing & mastering

A compressor is also a loudness maximizer but with additionally adjustment. Destinations of a compressor are the sound formation, advancement of the assertiveness and decline the distortion. Threshold gives you an information when the apparat initiation. For example if you set the threshold value down to -20dB, this means that the compressor works primary ex an input level larger -20dB. All under -20dB will be ignored – the compressor don`t react. You can see whether the compressor works if the reduction is twinkle. Attack regulates how fast the apparat should begin to work. Release appointed how long the apparat works. For example if you would like that the compressor opens fast, you turn attack to the lowest level. If you would like that the compressor also early closes you have to turn the release value relative depressed. Further informations about compression you will find soon.

Tube in Dynamic, mixing & mastering

With a tube, your mix will get a bit more heartiness. This thing you will mostly use for digital productions.

Logic-Channel-EQ in Dynamic, mixing & mastering  

If you use an EQ after the track is merge you have to be careful! This adjustment should already take before you merge it for your master. You can even use this alternative for your master.

 in Dynamic, mixing & mastering Preferably, at all, you can open the brilliant area on 20 kHz a little bit, but only a little bit! More with this comes your accentuate ups.

Limiter1 in Dynamic, mixing & mastering

If you use a limiter it is also possible so you won`t get a overdrive.

Like you read before, you should think about your master. A headroom of -3 dB in the most cases are not to disprize. You can think about the best mastering is if you don`t have to master, because the track sounds perfect. But this is not realy possible. So you should think about to invest your money in a professional mastering. If you haven`t the money for a professional mastering you can try it by your self. 

Here a nice video to this topic:


Robert Babicz about mastering audio from David Star on Vimeo.

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