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Hardware or Software?


Mastering24-96-klein in Hardware or Software?

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Gross Neu Klein in Hardware or Software?

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Maybe you have asked yourself why there is so much hardware in studios and why this don`t do the whole thing with a computer. Every one got his choice but if you want that the quality fits you should use the correct application and apparats. But what is the best?

Robert Babicz Studio-6 in Hardware or Software?

A real synthesizer sounds different. Hardware got a lot of heartiness if you compare it to a plug in. Most synthesizer with a keyboard can replace a master-keyboard. Further you should think of that hardware needs no CPU-Power and the complete components are optimized to each part of the apparat. That’s one base for the acoustic properties.

In my dimension it is much beautifuller to call such apparat his own. You have something to touch and screw. In my opinion this makes the difference! A rotary knob got mostly clear features so that you can work quickly and your creativity will not be limited.

Software has in antagonism to hardware the advantage, that you can comfortable and easy weave them into your sequenzer as many as you want.

Software in Hardware or Software?

Software has in antagonism to hardware the advantage, that you can comfortable and easy weave them into your sequenzer as many as you want.

Some apparat are brilliant and they are simulate the original Plug in realy good but there are also a lot of plug ins which your can disregard. Plug ins are not only cloned of the originals there are some plug ins which you never can buy as a hardware. This plug ins are different to appraise because there is no allowance. But let me say there is also a lot of crap. I don`t use such plug ins! But how can you find out what sounds good and what sounds bad? The most applications have testreports or you can get a demoversion of it. For some of them you can find german test reports on trade magazine like Keyboards or Keys or in the internet on, and

There are a lot of vendors which provide demoversions of their software. So you can try before buy.

The last decision is on you!

  Kompressoren-1 in Hardware or Software? Komp-Mitte in Hardware or Software? Kompressoren-2 in Hardware or Software?

 in Hardware or Software? To produce music you should buy some synthesizer and accordant good plug ins. With both solutions you have the chance to check the difference between analog and digital. Let me say that you must handel the choosed hard- and software. Primarily for the mastering! For mastering you need much more know how. You should superior what you would like to do – produce music or doing mastering before you buy dynamicprocssors like Equalizer, Limiter or Compressors. Apparats of this categorie change only the dynamic and normaly will be used to beef Sounds up or for the mastering. Wrong adjustments bring fatal achievements with it. All your work could be demaged. I advise to visit different masteringstudios on the internet.

I prefer mastering of a professional masteringstudio and my focus is only on the music.

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