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To produce music you need at first a computer with a corresponding sequencer music.

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A soundcard is also very important. If you want achieve good quality you shoult take a 24Bit/48kHz card, but a pinch you can take the onboard card of your computer. Everyone had started small. 😉

Motu 828 MK II Klein in Equipment   Maudio Audiophile2496 in Equipment

To work easier you can use a Master- or MIDI-keyboard but this is no must have.

Doepfer Masterkeyboard Klein in Equipment

With this keyboard or alternative with the mouse of your computer, you canplay the plug ins (virtual takles) which you are also need to create and develope sounds. Nowadays there are much more plug ins but you have to vary in instruments and effects. Because of the high multiplicity on the market the assortment is never ending. The decision is yours causeyou know what sound you would like to produce.

Here two synthesizer:

XP-10 1klein in Equipment

Virus-der Neuste Klein in Equipment

Here two plug ins:

ImpOSCar in Equipment
Battery-3 in Equipment

Not to be sneezed at are real Hardware synthesizer! Plug ins are based on real hardware. The industry try to let the plug ins sounds like the original hardware. Clearly that working with synthesizers and his adjusting knob is much more funnier as to work with your mouse on a plug in. There are also solutions to bring the old-school-studio-feeling back – the so called control elements. A good solution is the Korg-Nano Series. With this three controller you can control your sequenzer or plug ins. You got a fast access and you can control the Plug ins with the knobs.

Korg Nano Series Black in Equipment

With the Novation ReMote 25SL for example you can get the whole thing in one apparat.

Remote25sl in Equipment

Here is a nice video witch shows the possibilities of a controller:

… and this shows the possibilities of hardware:

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